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A Fully Updated Book That Guides You to Understanding the Constructive Side of Human Interaction on Migrations!!!

MULTICULTURAL – The diversity of views and perspectives in the book Human Currents: Overlook Aspects of Migration, makes it unique and a must-read book.

MULTICOUNTRY – Shows that multilateral migrations contribute to human evolution that has shaped some of our behaviors.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY – All six perspectives offered in this book testify that migration ought not to be viewed as a cause of a headache.

“This book is “food for thought”, showing different views and possible solutions on migration issues.”

Tomomi Takagi - Investor and Startup Consultant - JAPAN

Overlooked Aspects of Migration – World Tour


Co Authors

Author of chapter#1


A Special Case of Perpetual Motion…

Ph.D. served as Managing Director and Chief Economist at CJSC “Sberbank CIB” until mid-2016. He is a professor and Head of the Department of Applied Macroeconomics at the Higher School of Economics and Editor-in-Chief of the HSE Economic Journal, which he founded in early 1990es.

Author of chapter#2


Marco’s Migrations…

 MARCO Paulo Abrunhosa Cardoso was born in Angola. He grew up in Portugal. He took an MBA in Norway. He got baptized in Sweden and married in Finland. Since 1998, he has been serving clients and investees through companies that he has co-founded. He is involved in pro bono activities, such as being the Business Ambassador for NERLEI in Finland; an advisor at Rede Prestige (an entity managed by the Regional Government of the Azores) and co-founder of other initiatives such as IMiF INTERNATIONAL MINDS in FINLAND.

Author of chapter#3


Kristina’s Design Thinking…

She is a Milan, Italy based design strategist and service designer; helping organizations to innovate processes, services, and experiences. She applies design thinking principles as a methodology to create a user-centered approach. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Middlebury College, Middlebury Vermont, USA and a Masters in Design from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy.

Author of chapter#4


Teles Fernandes’ Cultural Value…

Manuel T. Fernandes is a BM in International Business, MBA in International Management, and a certified TVM and PVM. His latest research work focused on value creation and innovation, resulting in new analytical models in the realm of “tangible and intangible value” and “technological and cultural innovation.”

Author of chapter#5


Migration in Technology…

 Marcelo Cavic (Cavicchioli) minored in Chemistry and a Bachelor in Information Technology, with specializations in Business Process Analysis, PMP, Research Methods (Amsterdam University), and Innovation Management (University of Rotterdam). He acted as a manager for companies like Lotus, IBM, and Altiris (Symantec). As an entrepreneur, he founded a content streaming company that was already streaming videos to mobile phones even before Youtube was created.

Author of chapter#6


Anne’s Quo Vado?

Ph.D. in German language/Translation Studies is a Finnish citizen and has been a self-initiated expatriate for more than 20 years in North-Germany and North-Italy. In 2006, Anne repatriated to the Southeast of Finland and works for the European Commission’s funding programs. In addition, she and her husband promote professional Italian cuisine in their restaurant la Majacca.

Invited Authors






“This book provides a range of approaches and views of the spectrum of migration domains. In it, lies greater understanding and a contribution to migration domain adaptation.”

Dr. Jack Jacoby - Australia

“This book, with intelligence and sensibility, presents approaches that depart from different places to deal with one single theme: migration. “

Rafael Rezende - Brazil

“The present book now comes as a refreshing and most welcome contribution to ongoing debates on migration in Europe. ”

Dr. Henni Ouerdane - France

“When the author is smart, he knows what she/he writes and reports own experiences on the subject then we have the ingredients for an enriching and pleasant reading. ”

Luís Santos - Portugal

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